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A new approach to asset owner voting in the UK stock market
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Red Line Voting is a new approach to engagement and voting with regard to UK stock market-listed companies. Its purpose is to enable far greater direction from institutional investors in environmental, social and corporate governance. An initiative brought to you by the Association of the Member Nominated Trustees (AMNT).

| What you need to know

Why was Red Line Voting introduced?

To enable pension schemes to take a more active asset ownership role in becoming more responsible investors.

Who can adopt Red Lines?

Pension schemes and other asset owners investing in UK-listed companies are able to actively adopt Red Lines. Find out more information in our downloadable Trustee pack.

Why adopt the Red Lines?

It may be that your pension scheme has no policies on environmental, social or corporate governance and instead leaves everything to its fund managers – perhaps you would like your scheme to adopt active responsible investment policies in line with the Law Commission report. Perhaps your scheme has policies covering segregated funds but not pooled funds, or it may have a corporate governance policy but nothing on climate change. There are many different reasons to adopt. To find out more take a look through the Red Lines here.

How does it work?

Red Line Voting offers pension scheme trustees (and other asset owners) the opportunity to direct the voting of the UK‑listed shares they own on behalf of their members. Trustee bodies will be able to adopt the Red Lines en bloc or, if they choose, a subset of them, that their fund managers will be instructed to follow.

Want to find out more?

 For full details on what Red Line Voting is and how to adopt them.

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 “If the Red Lines on the environment are widely adopted they could be a game-changer in driving corporate change in relation to climate change” 


| Download the Red Lines here

To find out about Red Line Voting in more detail, please download our Trustee Pack. This includes the Red Lines, how to adopt them, Q&As and a presentation too.

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